Stand-up pouch

Stand-up pouch is suitable for products with large volume or product that want to be placed upright on the shelf. This pouch is similar to the 3-sided seal, the bottom gusset of these packages enables them to stand upright. Made of durable materials and hermetically sealed to prevent leakage, stand-up pouches can protect product quality and extend product shelf life. Attractive colours by our quality printing system capture the consumer attention and enhance the reliability of packed products. This packaging is used with different kinds of goods, such as shower cream, moisturizing lotion, mayonnaise, cream, dish washing liquid, fabric softener, bathroom cleaner, chemicals, etc. Options for this pouch consist of a V-shape notch for easy tearing; handles for hanging on display shelves; zip locks for storing leftover product for future use; and spouts for convenient use of liquid products, such as fruit juice or chemical products.


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